Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello good news, goodbye to bad news

Not to be outdone, following the revelations by Micah Hall on, Frattonise has an exposé of its own.

We've obtained the full 'Owners and Directors' test questionnaire that Pratpine and its owner Bogroll Chainmail failed to pass:

1. Are you a crook?
A. Yes
B. Yes

2. Did you take Pompey's last £4m in February 2010?
A. Yes 
B. Saw it, pinched it, spent it.

3. Did you lie about why you came here?
A. Yes
B. Is the Pope Catholic? Is Luxembourg small? Do bears... etc

4. Did you know what Daniel Azougy was doing between October 6, 2009, and February 2010?
A. Yes
B. No, I'm usually in a permanent vegetative state. The only way to wake me is to wave other people's money at me

5. Do you have a long-term vision for Fratton Park?
A. No 
B. It really depends on scrap-metal prices

6. Did you come here to asset strip the club and accidentally get caught in the wringer because of crass misjudgments?
A. Yes
B. Ouch. I'm caught in a wringer-type mechanism

7. Is it true you remained at arm's length from Pompey before they went into administration in 2012?
A. No
B. Yes, but I've got arms like Mr Tickle

8. Here is a one-way ticket to Hong Kong, please have your passports ready...
A. What do you mean 'economy'?
B. We're the victims here, it's just that everyone else is so busy listening to those charities and small creditors whining, that they can't hear the tears splashing to the floor around me ...