Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pompey fans call for Storrie's reinstatement

A fans’ support group, The Pompey Truss, has called for the reinstatement of Pompey’s former chief executive Peter Storrie.

The shock move comes as fears for the club’s future continue to rise. A Truss spokesman, Mark Mywords, said Storrie’s skilful manipulation, creative accounting and tireless self-aggrandisement was just what was needed to help the club through these difficult times.

Mywords observed: “We need good players to get out of the rut we currently find ourselves in. We are not aiming high enough when it comes to player recruitment. Today, for example, we’ve been linked with Ipswich’s David Norris, while earlier in the week Darren Bent moved to Aston Villa.

“Steve Cotterill’s insistence that the club has no money and could not afford the wages of top Premiership players is a specious argument. We had no money and couldn’t afford the wages before but that didn’t stop Peter Storrie agreeing contracts which encouraged the top players to come down to the club.

“He even promised one or two of them that we would be playing in a new stadium in a couple of years. That’s the kind of creative negotiating skills we need now – not Cotterill and Lampitt’s stoic pragmatism.

“Storrie spent several years at the club working tirelessly and I’m sure Portsmouth FC holds a special place in his bank account. Now would be the time for him to come to the aid of the supporters over whose eyes he pulled down blue-and-white bobble hats for years.

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man. And I’m sure Mr Storrie could consolidate all our existing debts into one easy monthly liquidation.”

A spokesman for Mr Storrie said: “He can’t come to the phone right now, he’s doing his self-assessment tax form and won’t be available until the warmer weather."