Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deja vu all over again...

Experts at the University of Portsmouth have been called in to reassure Pompey fans that they have not been sent back in time.

Hundreds of Pompey fans witnessed the club’s administrator, Titus Andronicus, go on record as stating that Bogroll Chainmail’s takeover will be ratified by the Football League at its next meeting.

That followed a Pie-in-theSkySports interview in which former owner Milan Madandrich said he would be interested in returning to Pompey before categorically denying it.

A spokesman for the university, Professor Tim Travel, explained: “Understandably the Pompey fans believed they had already experienced both of these phenomena before. But it is not an example of time travel, merely a sense of tiresome déjà vu.

“We fully expect Mr Andronicus to come out with the same old bollocks again in a couple of weeks while Mr Madandrich will almost certainly indulge in some similar rhetoric before Pompey play at Leicester if he’s still the chairman. That way he will be seen on TV again and get a cheer from the Pompey fans – again just tiresome déjà vu with no substance whatsoever.”

Scientists believe time travel is theoretically possible though some way off, while Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp claimed to have invented time travel in 1976 with “me old pal Bobby Moore…”