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Frat pack on way back? Questions asked in Parliament ...

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HALL RIGHT NOW: The men who would run Pompey and why they shouldn't... #1

It would appear that 'certain parties' are looking to shut down 'certain' Pompey websites because it says stuff they don't like. Well this is the UK. We have freedom of speech - and we're a stubborn bunch of ****s. Nothing defamatory here - it's all true.

We're just like weeds; kill us off in one area and we'll be back in another. So just in case they succeed in killing this story elsewhere, here it is in its full glory. Enjoy!

Mon 11th Feb 2013 13:13 by Micah Hall

So the Keith Harris campaign has refused to accept the definitive judgement of the Football League and his PR team has instead apparently been ringing round journalists over the weekend boasting of having '£3m' for a 'transfer budget'.

Leaving aside the fact that such a war-chest would fall foul of the league's newly-introduced salary cost management protocol - even if you had '£3m' to spend on transfers you wouldn't be able to pay them a commensurate salary in League 2 - the first point to make is that the first we heard of a possible rival bid to the PST's was when Portpin announced it at a recent creditors meeting. This bid apparently came to PKF with agreement in place to lease the stadium direct from Portpin. Surely a better use of a spare £3m would be to buy Fratton Park - which is what the PST bid proposes - rather than spending out unnecessary money on renting a stadium which can be owned from Day One?
Anyway. Let's have a look at as the track record of the proposed investors in this consortium, starting with front man Keith Harris.
Harris's Seymour Pierce business went into administration on Friday of last week appointing Grant Thornton as administrators. Cantor Fitzgerald immediately bought some of the wreckage as part of a pre-pack arrangement, but the fact remains that Seymour Pierce has been hanging on by its fingertips for two years and it lost its fight for survival. It would have taken about £3m to save the 130-year-old brokerage firm but a range of City institutions decided against bailing them out. Read the report in the Financial Times here.
In 2011 Seymour Pierce faced the largest fine in AIM market history for failing to provide proper advice about companies as described here"The fine was the result of two separate incidents, one of which involved AIM-listed Legion Group's share price rising by 80pc on news of a healthy order book, only for it to be placed into administration three weeks later. So serious was the public censure that the £400,000 fine was more than the £250,000 levied against adviser Nabarro Wells for its involvement in the £375m Langbar International fraud, in which the company was found to have none of the assets it declared at its AIM listing."
This followed an earlier fine in 2009 of £154,000 by the Financial Services Authority for failures which allowed an employee to steal £150,000 of clients' money over three years. Full details at the FSA here
There was someone willing to save Seymour Pierce, mentioned in the FT article above: Denis Gorbunenko. However the Financial Services Authority decided the £3m Gorbunenko had already invested with Harris firm was quite enough. The reason for this is that Gorbunenko was the Chairman of Rodovid Bank when it had to be nationalised. You can read about this worrying sagahere - suffice to say the bank was a Ponzi scheme, the largest ever in Eastern Europe, and large sums of money are still missing.
When I rang Harris to discuss this he did not return my calls, although his secretary was kind enough to correct my pronunciation of Gorbunenko. She also bridled faster than a Findus lasagne at my suggestion that he does not return my calls (I've rung him previously over CSI to question the due diligence he did before introducing them as prospective owners of PFC back in 2011) and promised he would. Imagine my surprise when he didn't.
So on the day Harris was announcing he was our Fairy Godmother and that we should go to the ball, his company was going under, owing £3m to the mysterious Gorbunenko and £1m to the taxpayer.
Harris was a well-known figure during the takeover of Pompey by CSI, meeting, (according to eye witnesses) many times with Balram Chainrai and Vladimir Antonov. Our sources suggest he got on very well with both. Of course there is nothing wrong with that.
Harris supports Manchester United and was involved in advising the abortive 'Red Knights' takeover attempt and has also been a director of Cardiff City under Peter Ridsdale and brokered the deal to bring Carson Yeung to Birmingham City. BDO, the company merging with PKF, recently resigned as auditors of Birmingham City. The accountancy group said it was "sceptical as to whether we have received all relevant information" from the directors of Birmingham City PLC.
To be fair to Harris he is credited with bringing Abramovich to Chelsea and Randy Lerner to Aston Villa, both of whom have proved to be highly credible owners in their respective ways. However, he also brokered Thaksin Shinawatra's ill-fated takeover of Man City, Eggert Magnusson's takeover of West Ham, which ended in a mountain of debt as the Icelandic banks imploded in 2008. Harris advised a consortium which launched an abortive bid to buy Southampton out of administration in 2009, before the Liebherr family took that club over. Harris's appeals to the Football League on being frozen out of that deal fell on deaf ears.
He also advised Laurence Bassini - linked with Pompey not so long ago - over his takeover at Watford, which ended up a well-chronicled litany of disasters.
Harris is a friend of one-time Pompey chairman Terry Venables and was Football League chairman at the time of the ITV Digital debacle in 2002. After turning down a £50m settlement, the league fought through the courts for the full amount and lost, prompting his and the league's then CEO's resignation. The Moneyweek article here refers to the widely-quoted description of his then Chief Executive David Burns and him as being "incapable of running a kebab shop" over the pair's handling of the situation.
But that's enough of Harris. Coming soon to this blog is Alan Hitchins. And if you are sensing a depressingly familiar Pompey pattern of so-called 'investors' is starting to unfold, you're not wrong...
Micah Hall wishes it to be known that he has received no legal threats and has simply been busy with trying to ensure the fans' takeover of the club is a success. 
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Spotted coming out of a TravelLodge near Football League headquarters last week...

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Word of the day: procrastinate

pro•cras•ti•nate  (pr-krst-nt, pr-)

v. pro•cras•ti•nat•ed, pro•cras•ti•nat•ing, pro•cras•ti•nates


To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

To postpone or delay needlessly.

Use in sentence:

Fuck off Chainrai you ****! Stop procrastinating!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello good news, goodbye to bad news

Not to be outdone, following the revelations by Micah Hall on, Frattonise has an exposé of its own.

We've obtained the full 'Owners and Directors' test questionnaire that Pratpine and its owner Bogroll Chainmail failed to pass:

1. Are you a crook?
A. Yes
B. Yes

2. Did you take Pompey's last £4m in February 2010?
A. Yes 
B. Saw it, pinched it, spent it.

3. Did you lie about why you came here?
A. Yes
B. Is the Pope Catholic? Is Luxembourg small? Do bears... etc

4. Did you know what Daniel Azougy was doing between October 6, 2009, and February 2010?
A. Yes
B. No, I'm usually in a permanent vegetative state. The only way to wake me is to wave other people's money at me

5. Do you have a long-term vision for Fratton Park?
A. No 
B. It really depends on scrap-metal prices

6. Did you come here to asset strip the club and accidentally get caught in the wringer because of crass misjudgments?
A. Yes
B. Ouch. I'm caught in a wringer-type mechanism

7. Is it true you remained at arm's length from Pompey before they went into administration in 2012?
A. No
B. Yes, but I've got arms like Mr Tickle

8. Here is a one-way ticket to Hong Kong, please have your passports ready...
A. What do you mean 'economy'?
B. We're the victims here, it's just that everyone else is so busy listening to those charities and small creditors whining, that they can't hear the tears splashing to the floor around me ...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pompey's pact with the Devil...?

The ghost of John Deacon has announced he has submitted a bid for Portsmouth FC to administrators PKF. Deacon was owner of Pompey between 1974 and 1989 but retired from football following his death.

Now he says he wants to return to Pompey and finish the job.

"I took Portsmouth into the top flight and carried out substantial work on the stadium (knocking down the Fratton End), during my previous spell. Now I want to put Pompey back where they belong."

Doubts have been raised about Deacon's ability to raise the necessary funds, but he sought to allay doubts on that front.

"I've been developing the western shore of the Lake of Fire in hell and done very well."

Companies from hell do not have to file accounts at Companies House and Deacon denied rumours of being a front man for a consortium involving Lord Satan, the discredited former Red Devils owner.

"I am good friends with Lord Satan but he is not involved in this deal. It's purely my own thing. I've got massive plans for Pompey, there will be a million capacity bowl stadium which will drive non-matchday revenues as the souls of the damned will be thrown in during the week."
As part of the deal, Deacon claimed he has offered all Pompey's recent owners a good return on their outstanding debt, including cash, share options and a condo in hell when they die.
A supporters' spokesman said "We would be very sceptical of Mr Deacon's claims. We do not want to see any consortium involving Lord Satan connected with Pompey. Although we would prefer it to Portpin."
PKF declined to comment.